Are You an Essential Business? What You Need to Know About Fuel Excise Tax Recovery

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Since the pandemic first hit the United States in early 2020, millions of Americans have made the transition to working or staying close to home. They rarely venture out past their own backyards or communities and tax is not on their minds!

But this certainly isn’t the case for the essential workforce! As the pandemic grew, a new reliance on many critical businesses and service providers emerged. These are the folks who continue to keep the country going while the world waits for the pandemic to subside.

Providing food, medical care, and even entertainment, these essential workers have been rightfully classified as heroes. They have continued to operate in the past year at record levels to keep up with supply and demand.

These businesses have been rewarded with a flood of gratitude from all over the world, but there are other advantages to staying open, and busy, and continually on the road.

At TIP, we know how hard these folks have been working. And, many of these industries align with our sole goal of providing the largest fuel excise tax refund possible. We want to help so these businesses can continue to work and power our:

  • Country
  • Economy
  • Eventual return to normal

So, what type of essential businesses does TIP work with to secure fuel tax recovery funds? Here’s just a sample of the industries we can work with to ensure that companies do not leave any tax refund monies on the table despite a frenzy of work and activity.

Grocery Store and Food Providers

Meat, produce, frozen food, and other food-related suppliers became essential during the pandemic and provided much-needed supplies and groceries to folks across the country.

If this sounds like your industry, then there’s a very good chance that you are due a fuel excise tax refund for all your hard work transporting goods to the folks and stores who need them the most.

Simply put, if you use refrigerated trucks regularly in your operations, then exploring your refund options with TIP is a great way to boost your bottom line and secure the largest refund possible.

This can also apply to grocery store chains that ship products from warehouses to individual stores or even independent grocery stores that rely on refrigeration and special equipment to keep products on the shelves.

So, if you are an essential supplier of food and groceries, you’ll want to reach out to our experts at TIP to see what operations within your business can put money back in your pocket.

Food Banks

Food banks have become more important than ever as the economy struggles to recover. And TIP can work with organizations of all varieties that provide food and services to the public to identify ways in which a fuel excise tax refund may apply.


Hospitals, urgent care centers, and other medical care providers have also been crucially essential during the pandemic and may qualify for a substantial fuel excise tax refund.

If you are in an industry that transports medicines and supplies via refrigeration or other specialized equipment that needs fuel to function, you need to reach out to TIP to see how these everyday operations can translate to a hefty fuel excise tax refund.

Golf courses, Parks, and Greenspaces

Entertainment has certainly changed in the era of the pandemic. More people are turning to socially distant outdoor activities as a safe and reliable way to have fun.

As such, outdoor recreational providers, including the following, have become a valuable resource for folks to blow off a little steam and have some fun!

  • Golf courses
  • Private or community parks
  • Recreational equipment providers
    • Rental boats
    • ATVs
    • Off-the-road vehicles

But it takes plenty of money and fuel for these types of businesses to function, which is exactly why a fuel excise tax refund may apply. If your company uses fuel to manicure your grounds, provide landscaping services, or simply power your equipment, then TIP can help ensure that you receive the refund you deserve.

Landscapers and Contractors

With millions of Americans spending ample more time at home, the new home construction and renovation industry has also been booming in the wake of the pandemic.

Our homes have become our retreats, our offices, and our havens. Contractors across the board have been busy on remodeling projects, landscaping projects, and other initiatives to transform a residence into a true place to call home.

At TIP, we’ve helped countless businesses in the construction and landscaping industries. We’ve been able to secure a refund they deserve due to the equipment required to do the job.

From lawnmowers and landscaping equipment to generators and bulldozers, any contractor that relies on fuel to power their business should reach out to TIP to discover their options.

The Bottom Line

At TIP, we know while the rest of the world waits, our essential workforce has been operating nonstop! This is why we make the fuel excise tax recovery process as easy as possible for our clients.

We require no extra effort on your end to hunt down possible refund opportunities. And, you only need a little bit of information from your business to get started. We will ensure you can focus on providing the services that matter most.

Best of all, there is no cost for us to research your options unless we secure your refund! So, you do not have to worry about excess fees along the way.

We’ve helped businesses just like yours recoup countless funds over the decades. We’re standing by to secure you the largest refund possible. With our help, you can concentrate on continuing to serve the public in this time of unprecedented crisis.

Contact Us

If you think your businesses may qualify for a fuel excise tax refund, then reach out to our experts at TIP, and let’s get started on bringing money back to your budget.

With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of fuel excise tax laws, we’re standing. Let us be your resource for the businesses that matter most in the era of COVID-19.

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Are You an Essential Business? What You Need to Know About Fuel Excise Tax Recovery
Are you an essential business in the era of the Coronavirus pandemic? TIP may be able to put hard-earned funds back in your pocket.