Maximize your fuel tax refund

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Get Your Fuel Excise Tax Refund

Maximize your gas tax refund

Work With The Gas Tax
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The fuel you use to power the off-road equipment in your company is taxed whether you know it or not, but once you know how to get that fuel excise tax refunded, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to file for a gas tax refund. Your business may qualify for a significant gas tax refund, and the team at TiP Excise can help you navigate the process and receive what’s yours. IFTA services are included in the fuel tax refund work.


We use our experience and expertise to prepare accepted methodologies and filings for the IRS, using the information we have received from you. We make sure we maximize your fuel tax refund.


We use your gas receipts, invoices, and a list of the equipment you already have. If you don’t have the fuel receipts available, don’t worry! We may be able to get them for you. This helps us get you a fuel tax refund. We will also complete any necessary IFTA services.


Many companies we work with had no idea they qualified for a fuel tax refund. Let us help put money back in your pocket. Work with the gas tax experts and get your company’s refund today!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t simply take our word for it. Check out these testimonials from business owners just like you.

“Normally I don’t go out of my way to recommend companies or vendors but I could wholly say that these guys were extremely professional, very prompt, and did a tremendous job for us. I am 100% satisfied and would highly recommend them to any company.”

Joey Goldstein

President, Dairy King Milk Farms

“Within a few months of enrolling with TIP we began receiving hardcopy refund checks.  All I had to do was provide our fuel receipts, TIP did the rest.  I recommend TIP for any business that utilizes refrigerated trucks, it’s a no brainer!”

Lou Barbone

Best Mexican Foods

“When we first met with TiP, we were skeptical. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the ease and quick turnaround of TiP’s service. The level of professionalism from TiP’s team let us know that we are dealing with a top-notch company and we have not been disappointed.”


President, True Chemical Services

“TiP Excise is a trusted partner providing valuable expertise to our company. We are a rapidly growing business and don’t have the expertise or resources to commit to this complex and often changing area of the tax code. It was an easy process for us and it is adding to our earnings and cash flow. We have been extremely happy with TiP and highly recommend them.”

John Griggs

CFO, Conquest

Maximize your gas tax refund

Work With The Gas Tax
Experts At Tip Excise

TIP Excise is a tax recovery company that focuses ONLY on excise tax paid by companies that use gasoline or diesel to power machinery used for business that is not on-the-road.

The gas excise tax recovery process can be complex, but TIP makes it simple for you to recover the money you’re owed. Our knowledge of state and federal fuel tax laws, and our experience with fleet operations enables us to identify and maximize tax recovery for your company.

Our specialists are equipped to work with everyone from small businesses to government fleets. Using our technical understanding of fuel tax regulations, fuel tax reporting, and our working relationships with regulatory bodies throughout the United States, we capture significant savings for clients, and complete any necessary IFTA services.

Get Your Gas Excise Tax Refund