Landscaping Business: Here’s Why You Need a Fuel Excise Tax Expert

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Few industries need more of a boost when it comes to recovering lost fuel excise tax refunds that are due than landscapers and contractors. These professions rely on being able to do their work in often ill-suited and rustic conditions.

From locales that are miles away from the nearest stable power sources, to lots and properties that require gas-powered equipment to get the job done, these professionals often leave money behind to concentrate on the work at hand.

Working in the Elements

But if you run a landscaping or other contractor business that relies on working in the elements, then it’s essential you consult with a fuel excise tax recovery professional to explore your options when it comes to retrieving the money you worked hard for, and that you deserve.

Partnering with a fuel excise tax recovery expert is your smartest move when it comes to ensuring your business is as profitable as possible.

Regardless of whether you are a:

  • Small company that only services a handful of landscaping clients and homeowners
  • Larger business that has dozens of commercial office buildings, resorts, and other clients that require regular and routine maintenance throughout the year

So why should you care about this specific and niche corner of federal and state taxes? And what can a team of experts like the ones at TIP do for you?

The answer may be more complicated – and more beneficial – than you may initially think.

You Likely Have a Lot of Money on the Table

At TIP, we work with industries across the board to ensure that they are receiving the largest fuel excise tax refund possible when it comes to their industry.

Very often, companies like below, fall behind when it comes to this lucrative tax refund that is available:

  • Construction
  • Foodservice
  • Airline
  • Transportation
  • Golf course/resort industries

And this is especially true when it comes to landscapers, construction companies, and other sister industries where your work takes place in the great outdoors.

Just think of the fuel you require for your long list of equipment and daily tasks. Chances are, this equipment and costs can include the following:

  • Lawnmowers for regular maintenance and new projects
  • String trimers and other gas-powered equipment for maintenance
  • Bulldozers, forklifts, and other heavy-duty and off-the-road equipment for larger jobs
  • Airplanes or other aerial crafts for wide-spread attending to crops through pesticides, water, and other deliveries of materials
  • Generators or fuel-powered vehicles for providing power and supplies to locations that are miles away from ordinary

If any of the above procedures and scenarios sound familiar and are part of your everyday work, then this is a clear sign that consulting with a fuel excise tax recovery expert can financially enhance your business in more ways than one.

Size Does Not Matter

At TIP, we work with businesses of all sizes. From the multi-million and Fortune 500 companies that require our expertise, to newcomers who are just exploring their options, our service remains that same regardless of whether you’re a giant in the industry, or an instrumental business in your own, small-town community.

But there is one thing that we have seen time and again – when it comes to fuel excise tax recovery, and especially when it comes to professionals who work in rugged conditions, size doesn’t matter.

Perhaps you had never reached out for fuel excise tax recovery services before because you thought you might have been too small, or that the result would not be worth the effort.

But if this sounds like you, there are two invaluable facts to keep in mind:

  1. Exploring your options doesn’t cost a thing. At TIP, our fees are based solely on the amount of tax monies we can recover for you, so enlisting our expertise doesn’t cost a thing unless we can get you the refund you deserve.
  2. Your refund may be larger than you think and may dig into the past. If you had never claimed a fuel excise tax refund before – or left out certain avenues where money was due – you may be able to go back in time, (generally up to three years), to recover funds that you are owed.

We’re adept at working with companies of all sizes. Our team of experts can maximize your refund, thanks to decades of collective expertise.

As a niche company that specializes in a specific area of federal tax law, you never have to worry about being too small or too big to enlist our services.

You Need to Talk to Us

Above all else, remember that exploring your options doesn’t cost a thing – in time, or labor. As a landscaper, your concentration is naturally on the work at hand, and the day-to-day operations that make your business successful.

Likely, your annual federal and state taxes are a little bit of an afterthought or something that doesn’t take up a majority of your busy daily schedule.

But this is exactly why you need an expert to tackle these more difficult portions of your business for you.

When you partner with TIP, you won’t have to expend much effort. We’ll ask a few basic questions and request a few easy-to-find records, and we will take it from there.

Our expert team continually follows the changes in federal tax laws. We know how it can impact our clients across all industries. This is why we have decades of testimonials and are the leader in this unique field.

Don’t Wait – Grow Your Business and Your Bottom Line!

With an experienced partner like TIP at the helm, your landscaping business can grow by leaps and bounds. Contact us today! Let’s work together to retrieve the fuel excise tax refund you are rightfully owed.

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Landscaping Business: Here’s Why You Need a Fuel Excise Tax Expert
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