Work on the Water: Here’s Why You Need TIP

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Considering that roughly 50% of Americans live next to a coast or a large body of water, it’s no wonder so many business owners and professionals rely on the water to make a living.

These businesses all have unique challenges when it comes to their annual taxes and can all benefit from the services offered at TIP.

  • Charter boat captains
  • Cruise line operators
  • Recreational equipment providers
  • Seafood and commercial fishing industries

After all, if you work on – or next to – the water, chances are you may have several unique expenses that aren’t found in other, more mainstream industries. You may also have extra steps you have to take to make your business run smoothly, like:

  • Powering your vessels to explore the open waters regularly
  • Ensuring the catch of the day stays cold until it finds its way to seafood lovers

This is why if you are in an industry where being on or by the water is key, you need to contact TIP to see if you’ve been leaving money on the table.

At TIP, we’ve helped countless business owners and managers in the boating and maritime industries secure the fuel excise tax refunds that they deserve.

We can help you do the same with little effort and no cost required on your end until we get you the funds you are owed.

Curious if TIP can help you find extra funds to keep your business thriving? Here are just a few of the professions and industries that can benefit by exploring their options with TIP.

Charter Boat Captains

If you run a charter boat business of any variety, then there’s an exceptional chance you may be due a hefty fuel tax refund. Charter boat captains rely on their vessels to take the following miles out into the open waters.

  • Fishermen
  • Sightseers
  • Beachcombers
  • Other visitors’

And one of the largest expenses in this profession outside of regular boat maintenance is fuel.

Bear in mind, too; your fuel expenses aren’t just limited to the gas you use to take your patrons out fishing or exploring.

You may also use fuel for:

  • Refrigeration
  • Generators to maintain your vessel at the docks
  • Specialized equipment to service your vessel
  • Transport equipment after it’s out of the water

Other Boat Tour Companies

Like charter companies, any business owner who relies on access to the water can likely benefit from our fuel excise tax recovery services.

This includes boat tour providers of all kinds, from folks who provide:

  • Quick sunset or dolphin tours
  • Private on-the-water tours
  • Accommodations for lengthy adventures

Recreational Equipment Providers

If you rent out motorized vessels of any kind (even if you don’t commandeer the vessels yourself), you should also explore your options when it comes to fuel excise tax recovery.

Especially if you provide fuel and maintenance for the vessels, you may rent to customers. These types of recreational equipment may include:

  • Houseboats or pontoon boats
  • Fishing vessels
  • Skiffs
  • Jet skis or wave runners

It also includes anything in between, as well as on-the-land equipment like:

  • ATVs
  • Golf carts
  • Other vehicles that don’t necessarily require a driver’s license to operate

Commercial Fisherman

Commercial fishers depend on fuel to reach the prime fishing grounds for the big catches. And they often use fuel for refrigeration purposes of ensuring their fresh catches make it back to the docks, ready to eat.

Because fuel is a primary expense for commercial fishers across the board, folks who work in this industry are exceptional candidates for discovering what TIP has to offer.

Seafood Industry Professionals

You don’t have to commandeer a vessel to benefit from fuel excise tax recovery! People who work in the seafood industry, either at:

  • Processing plants
  • Fish houses
  • Seafood retailers

Often use fuel for:

  • Transportation
  • Refrigeration

They also use fuel to ensure all those fresh catches safely make it from the water to the table.

Professionals tend to use fuel in a wide variety of potentially overlooked ways. Hence, a consultation with TIP is a great way to ensure that you are getting the full refund that you deserve.

Above All

Remember, when you reach out to TIP, there is little work required to get started on examining the possibilities when it comes to your fuel excise tax refund.

We’ll ask a few key questions and need a few documents from you, and can take care of the heavy lifting from there.

You won’t owe a dime until we have secured the biggest refund possible, so there’s no risk in reaching out, exploring what we have to offer, and seeing if you have money on the table.

Professionals who work on the water have to deal with a world of challenges, from environmental regulations to everyday weather. Still, your excise tax recovery should be one hurdle you don’t have to tackle yourself.

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Work on the Water: Here's Why You Need TIP
Do you work on the water? You may be a perfect candidate for a fuel excise tax refund! Read on to uncover if TIP can help you identify excess money that’s been left on the table.