Which Businesses Qualify for an Excise Tax Refund?

excise fuel tax refund for lawn services
June 15, 2023 0 Comments

One of the most common questions we’ve received over the past two decades is also one of the first questions we hear from new clients – “Does my business qualify for an excise tax refund?” 

Generally speaking, a fuel excise tax refund applies to companies in a wide range of industries. From a fuel tax credit for truck drivers to a fuel tax credit for landscaping and construction professionals, we will likely be able to help you put money back in your pocket. 

Consultations are always complimentary, so there is nothing to lose by reaching out to our TiP Excise team to see how we can help you secure the biggest refund possible.  

However, until we start the conversation, here are some common indicators that you qualify for an excise tax refund. Get started now on your customized fuel excise tax recovery plan with the experts at TiP by your side. 

What is Excise Tax? 

An excise tax is a government-imposed tax on a range of specified goods and services, such as tobacco, alcohol, air travel, and fuel. Virtually every American pays excise taxes on a regular basis. However, they might not necessarily realize it, as the excise tax tends to be included in the overall price.  

Excise taxes can be imposed by federal, state, and local governments (and sometimes all of the above).  Some excise taxes are calculated as a percentage of a product or service’s price, but other forms of excise tax are a flat amount. When it comes to fuel, the federal excise tax on gasoline is a flat 18.4 cents per gallon as of tax year 2022. 

The Importance of Excise Tax Refunds 

Just as many Americans pay the excise tax and don’t account for this extra cost, the same theory is true for businesses that use fuel on a regular basis to do their jobs. Businesses that use non-highway equipment, refrigerated trucks, and other gas-powered machines most likely spend a good chunk of their operations budget on fuel. Therefore, fuel is an expense that’s constant and continual. 

We have some great news! There is a way that you can receive a substantial refund for your continued fuel costs, which will help your bottom line. At the same time, the total refund will depend on several evolving factors, like total fuel consumption, equipment domiciles, tax laws, the amount of time equipment has been in use, and more. Additionally, many of our clients are surprised at the amount of their resulting refund. 

Remember, when it comes to expenses like a federal excise tax on trucks, this is money you have to spend to stay open and operational. So, examining your options when it comes to an excise tax refund is a smart and simple strategy that can help you reduce costs across the board. 

Which Businesses are Eligible for an Excise Tax Refund? 

 Multiple businesses across all industries may qualify for a fuel excise tax refund. However, we will explore some of the most popular industries that are eligible. 

  Lawn Care and Landscaping 

Landscapers and lawn care specialists require gasoline and fuel to power all the equipment they use on a daily basis. Therefore, businesses in the landscaping industry are strong candidates for a fuel excise tax refund. 

Trucking Services 

Trucking services that use refrigeration to transport produce, meats, and other goods that need to be at a specified temperature while in transit are also good candidates for fuel excise tax recovery. Just remember that fuel excise tax refunds apply to the fuel you use in the refrigeration process, not the miles your trucks drive on the highway. 

Farming and Food Services 

Farmers that use off-road equipment on a daily basis or produce or goods suppliers like florists that require refrigeration to keep their products fresh are likely eligible for a fuel excise tax refund. This is especially true for any company that uses a lot of non-highway equipment to do their job, like tractors or other machinery. 


Construction companies often rely on fuel to power their machinery at off-the-grid sites. Therefore, this can lead to a fuel excise tax credit when it comes to construction equipment. These can include equipment such as dozers, generators, and other gear that is used every day.  

Outdoor Tourism 

If you use any sort of off-road vehicle regularly used for your company, like golf carts at a golf course or ATVS for off-road tours and adventures, you may also qualify for a fuel excise tax refund. 

How to File for Excise Tax? 

If any of the above industries fit the description of your business, then it’s time to start exploring your options for fuel excise tax refunds. However, this can be a challenging process, especially if your business has never considered a fuel excise tax refund. There is specialized paperwork involved, which differs on a state and federal level, and it can be a time-consuming process that could be better spent on the job. 

Get the Excise Tax Refund You Deserve with TiP Excise  

At TiP Excise, we will handle all the details from the initial filing to maximizing your refund. We also need some basic information about your business to get started. Your first federal filing can go back three years from the filing date (while your state filing can range between three months to three years based on your home state). Therefore, chances are that your first refund will be much larger than you think. 

We operate on a contingency fee basis, which means we are only paid a percentage of your eventual refund. As a result, there is no risk in reaching out to us and starting a conversation about your options when it comes to an excise tax refund.  

The fuel excise tax recovery process can be complex, but we can simplify the process while maximizing your refund. Connect with our tax experts at TiP Excise to ask questions or receive a free analysis of your previous year’s fuel tax return. Let’s start a partnership that will put money back into your business.  

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